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There are people who like solving puzzles and there are those who absolutely love and can’t get enough of them. It is a good thing that mobile devices nowadays offer game apps to satisfy this need for more puzzles to solve. One recent addition that puzzle lovers and iOS device owners would want to try is The Curse iOS game app.

The Curse is an iOS game app that comes with a unique twist. It is not just a simple puzzle game but also has a story that players can follow along as they become engaged in playing it. Even just opening the app can be a surprise to its new players. Opening the book in the app also allows a sinister character called the Mannequin to come out. In fact it is the player’s own actions that released this sinister fellow from his bondage. A curse has been unleashed, hence the title of the game.

This unique iOS game app involves players solving puzzles in order to undo the curse that was accidentally unleashed. There are over 100 puzzles to solve on the way to banish the Mannequin back to where he came from. The challenges involve the use of logic, memory as well as reflex skills in order to solve the different puzzles. Players may also sometimes come face-to-face with the Mannequin in some of the trials through several of the cut scenes. Players can also try to discover the mystery behind earning cogs to gain access to the game’s secret book compartment to find clues on how to solve the final puzzle. The Curse iOS game app is a unique puzzle game that many people would find interesting to play with for hours and hours. It is available at the App Store for a US$ 1 download.

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